Materiality of Roman Religion in the Danubian provinces: a network of scholars

Roman religious communication produced in the seven Danubian provinces (Raetia, Noricum, Pannonia Superior, Pannonia Inferior, Moesia Superior, Moesia Inferior, Dacia) at least 5700 votive inscriptions (6600 with Dalmatia), thousands of figurative stone, bronze and lead monuments (reliefs, statues, statuettes, tablets, etc.), at least 280 archaeologically attested sacralised spaces in public and secondary spaces and countless amount of small finds (pottery and other material from the 280 sites). This large amount of archaeological material represents the core of what we call today as the materiality of Roman religion in the Danubian provinces. This material heritage represents not only a significant source for the academic research of Roman Studies in Central-Eastern Europe and beyond, but also an important part of the museological and archaeological heritage of the 8 countries which shares today the materiality of Roman Empire of the 7 mentioned provinces. Most of this material (especially the figurative material and the small finds) are still unpublished or known from old publications in national languages and by old photographic documentation.

The large and constantly increasing quantity of the archaeological material of Roman religion, the badly or partially published nature of the artifacts and the lingvistic heterogenity of the publications and their difficult accessibility for the international academic community. A team of scholars from Central-Eastern Europe was established in Viminacium, 2018 during the Limeskongress, followed by several other meetings focusing on Roman religious studies in the recent years (Ferrara 2013, Skopje 2013, Bucuresti 2013, Cluj 2014, Tarquinia 2016, Szeged – online 2021, Zagreb 2022). The network of local scholars who’s work is focusing especially on Roman Religion in the Danubian provinces is an essential step for a focused research and the easier transmission of information, research results and planning future projects.

Scholars of Roman Religion from Central-Eastern Europe:

Marjeta Šašel Kos (Dalmatia, indigenous gods), Mirjana Sanader (Dalmatia, orientalised cults), Nadežda Gavrilović Vitas (Moesia Superior, Orientalised cults), Mirna Cvetko (Dalmatia, Pannonia), Ozren Domiter (Dalmatia, Danubian Riders), Ljubica Perinić (Pannonia, Silvanus cult), Dan Augustin Deac (Dacia, Isiac cults), Dilyana Boteva (Bulgaria, Danubian and Thracian Riders), Aleksandra Nikoloska (Macedonia, Orientalised cults), Željko Miletić (Croatia, Mithras), Inga Vilogorac Brčić (Croatia, Orientalised cults, Magna Mater), Ante Rendić-Miočević (Croatia, Mithras), Mojca Vomer Gojkovič (Slovenia, Mithras), Aleksandra Nestorović (Slovenia, Mithras), Ivan Radman-Livaja (Croatia, Epona, small finds), Tomasz Dziurdzik (Novae, military religion), Csaba Szabó (Dacia, sanctuaries, Mithras), Sorin Nemeti (Dacia, Danubian Riders), Mihai Barbulescu (Dacia, Graeco-Roman religions), Adriana Antal (Dacia, Venus cult), Timea Varga (Dacia, Aesculapius, healing gods), Imola Boda (Dacia, Dolichenus), Stefana Cristea (Dacia, Isiac cults), Gabriel Sicoe (Dacia, Mithras), Ádám Szabó (Pannonia, priesthood, Mithras), Levente Nagy (Pannonia, Mithras, early Christianity), Paula Zsidi (Pannonia, Mithras), Ottó Sosztarits (Pannonia, Isiac cults), Tünde Vágási (Pannonia, Dolichenus), György Németh (Magic in the Danubian region), Renate Pillinger (Pannonia,-Noricum, early Christiniaty), Gabrielle Kremer (Pannonia, Carnuntum), Nirvana Silnovic (Dalmatia, Mithras), Rudolf Ertl (Danubian Riders), Livio Zerbini (Dacia, Italic cults), Valentin Bottez (Moesia Inferior, Mithras), Cristina Alexandrescu (Moesia Inferior, Greek-Roman cults), Dan Dana (Moesia Inferior, Dacia, Thracian Rider), Ivan Valchev (Moesia Inferior), Ivo Topalilov (Moesia Inferior), Barbara Kainrath (Noricum, Pannonia), Christoph Hinker (Pannonia, Noricum, Mithras), Bernhard Schrettle (Noricum), Peter Scherrer (Pannonia), Laurent Bricault (Isiac cults).

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